2014-08-29 Puerto Rico – Puerto Del Rey Boatyard – Multiple thefts


CSSN has received multiple reports from owners with boats currently stored on the hard at PDR. Apparently a trend from last year at that location continues. The security manager indicated to one owner that 2013 saw 12 outboards stolen, 0 recovered. Thus far in 2014 7 more have gone missing, with 3 recovered from inside the yard. Most recently there were 2 stolen during the time-frame of TS Bertha, 0 recovered. One unfortunate owner has been victimized twice – his Yamaha 15 HP outboard stolen from the yard shop while it was in for repair in early 2013, and then a second outboard stolen in early August 2014 from his stored yacht, even though it was securely locked with a full bar type lock. PDR management has indicated they have “improved procedures” but not described how. Owners in the recent events were informed by their hired minders, so if you have a boat stored at PDR contact your minder and/or PDR Boatyard/Marina management to understand if you may have also been affected.


2014-08-18 Grenada St. George’s outside lagoon 4 EVENTS: Theft

DATE: 2014-08-14 about 03:00 to 03:15
COUNTRY: Grenada
LOCATION: Grenada St. George’s outside lagoon
EVENT: Theft
Stolen Items: Phones, iPads, laptops
DETAILS: Thieves using a rowboat boarded/entered a LOCKED yacht after jiggling the lock mechanism free. Items stolen included personal electronics. This incident and 3 other boardings/thefts the same night/same anchorage were reported to the Coast Guard and local police who are investigating. A total of 4 boats were victimized in this anchorage overnight

Three Others:

EVENTS: Thefts on three other boats same location
Stolen Items: Phones, iPads, laptops
SECURED: Not Locked
DETAILS: Thieves using a rowboat boarded/entered 3 UNLOCKED yachts while the owners slept. They stole laptops, phones and personal electronics. Reported to the Coast Guard and local police who are investigating.


2014-08-16 Post Template
Report Incident to  Caribbean Safety and Security Net
Report Incident to
Caribbean Safety and
Security Net
2014-08-13 DATE: 2014-08-01 COUNTRY: Puerto Rico LOCATION: “Big Island Fajardo Puerto Del Rey Marina” EVENT: Attempted Burglary

DATE: 2014-08-01 COUNTRY: Puerto Rico LOCATION: “Big Island Fajardo Puerto Del Rey Marina” EVENT: Attempted Burglary
Stolen Items: Nothing.
DETAILS: The hired minder of a boat in dry storage in Puerto del Rey discovered locks were compromised on the stern lazarette and external companionway doors. Nothing was taken from the lazarette and apparently thieves couldn’t get into the cabin. It is not known if other yachts in the storage area were similarly affected. The minder was informed that several outboards had been stolen from other stored yachts approx. 10 days prior, by person(s) unknown, but were later recovered inside the yard. This incident was reported to marina/boatyard management.

2014-08-06 COUNTRY: Grenada LOCATION: “Grenada St. David’s Grenada Marine boatyard” EVENT: Burglary – 2014-07-23 00:00

DATE: 2014-07-23 00:00
COUNTRY: Grenada
LOCATION: “Grenada St. David’s Grenada Marine boatyard
EVENT: Burglary
Stolen Items: Cameras, laptop, other items TBD
DETAILS: Grenada Marine (GM) advised the absent owners of a yacht stored on the hard that it had been broken into via a hatch and burglarized. Using photos provided by GM owners found noticeably missing were a laptop and cameras. Owners will inventory for other losses on their return. GM management secured the yacht and agreed to install a complimentary motion sensor within 2 weeks, unknown if GM reported this incident to the local police, or if other yachts were affected.

2014-08-05 St. Martin (French) LOCATION: Lagoon EVENT: Theft 2014-07-25 02:00

DATE: 2014-07-25 02:00
COUNTRY: St. Martin (French)
EVENT: Theft
Stolen Items: dinghy – 12 ft. whaler with 15 HP Mercury outboard
SECURED: Unknown
DETAILS: dinghy stolen from Nettle Bay area (lagoon, French side). 12 ft. Whaler with 15 HP Mercury outboard. Details incomplete – not known if locked, or if reported to local authorities

2014-07-29 UPDATE- Venezuela REOPENS ports/marinas to vessels from Curacao and Aruba


July 28 2014 – UPDATE: Venezuelan Port Control has lifted the recent port restrictions. Political and social turmoil in Venezuela continues however, so caution is advised.


The Port Captain of Puerto Cabello, VZ has communicated that ” receiving vessels from Aruba and Curacao is now strictly prohibited .” There is no further detail available at this time, so it is not clear if this applies to all vessels arriving from, or those flagged in Aruba and Curacao, or both. CSSN hopes that more information will become available, and we will post it when it is. If you are planning to visit Venezuela, or to transit Venezuelan waters please follow this situation closely. Subscribe to CSSN Alerts to get latest news and reports.


2014-07-27 Seismic survey ship operating north of Aruba/Curacao – 27 July 2014

Polar Duke


 All ships transiting north of Curacao and Aruba are advised that the seismic survey ship POLAR DUKE will be conducting surveys in the area until 15 September 2014. The towed array is very large – 12 streamers 9000 meters long, and 900 meters wide. It is advised to give a wide berth of 8 NM astern, 2 NM ahead and 3 NM abeam as maneuverability of this ship is limited. For a real time position of the Polar Duke click (here).

2014-07-15 Chris Parker announces a REVISED broadcast schedule
Chris Parker logo

In order to complete major enhancements to my SSB installation 
and relocate office space...

Beginning Monday, July 8, 2014 I will work the following reduced schedule for July and August:

CLOSED on Tuesdays / Thursdays / Saturdays / Sundays (unless Tropical weather threatens, in which case I'll conduct normal
operations on these days - to the extent necessary to address Tropical weather).

OPEN on Mondays / Wednesdays / Fridays, on the following schedule:
SSB Voice Nets (and simultaneous Internet Webcasts):
4045 USB at 6:30am AST/EDT (1030 utc)
8137 USB at 7:00am (or a few minutes after) AST/EDT (1100 utc)
8104 USB at 8:30am (or a few minutes after) AST/EDT (1230 utc)
12350 USB at 9:15am AST/EDT (1315 utc)

Regional Daily Email forecasts: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (additional days as necessary if Tropical weather threatens). 
I'll try to email forecasts earlier - for the past couple months I have devoted several "normal working hours" most weekdays 
to preparing for planned improvements. Going forward, I should be able to devote most of my attention to weather duties 
on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays.

Custom email and phone-in forecasts: available 7 days/week after 10am, but prefer Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

More details on service improvements in the coming months...thank you for your support!...Chris.
2014-07-03 Alert ! – 2 New Incident Reports – St Lucia

St. Lucia – Two incidents …


St. Lucia

Rodney Bay Reduit Beach

2014-06-30 02:30


2 teak chairs stolen from aft deck

Locked, Not Locked

Owners discovered that thieves had boarded and stolen 2 teak deck chairs from the aft deck overnight. All hatches and doors were locked and no attempt seemed to have been made to enter the boat. Another boat in Rodney Bay was also boarded the same night (not locked) and thieves were interrupted but were able to steal a purse containing cash,credit cards,passports, and a camera. Both incidents were reported to the local police.


St. Lucia

Rodney Bay Reduit Beach

2014-06-30 02:00


Money, passports, credit cards, camera.

Not Locked

Crew was awakened at about 2 AM when intruder was attempting to steal a computer. Captain yelled and the man jumped overboard and swam to a dinghy piloted by an accomplice waiting nearby. The thief shouted death threats while swimming away with a purse containing cash,passports,credit cards and a camera. Another boat in Rodney Bay was also boarded by thieves the same night. Both incidents were reported to the local police.