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Other Sources
There are a number of other sources of information concerning crime against yachts and other security information.


ONSA (Organizacion Nacional de Salvamenta y Seguridad Maritima de los Espacios Aquaticos de Venezuela) is a Venezuelan voluntary civilian organization (non-profit and non-governmental) dedicated to three main goals:
>> To assist in maritime safety and ecological protection in cooperation with the respective Venezuelan authorities
>> To participate in search and rescue operations at sea
>> To encourage the development of a system for rescue and maritime safety in Venezuela waters for the purpose of the preservation of human lives as well as the protection of the marine environment
Mariners to wish to report any kind of criminal incident related to their vessel in Venezuela in either Spanish or English may do so at
[ONSA Reports]
In addition, ONSA produces a bi-annual map of risk zones which can be found at
[ONSA Map]
Island Hopping
Steve Pavlidis, who has written cruising guides for the Bahamas, the Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico, the Virgins, the Leewards and the Windwards, and in the Western Caribbean, has created a huge new site, which he is monitoring daily and keeping updated with the latelst news as well as any security concerns. He lists security issues on the main page rather than in a separate log.

To visit Steve's new website, click on
Northwest Caribbean Net
The website for the Northwest Caribbean Net is no longer being updated and the webmaster has moved to land. The SSB radio net meets daily on SSB 6209 (alternate 6212) at 1400 UTC. The security issues are a growing problem here, not so much piracy at sea but theft and burglary at anchor. Some few of those incidents are listed on the Colombia and Central America page of this website.
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